Thursday, 8 October 2015

Tomorrow 9 Oct (Friday) to report directly to your classroom for morning assembly

Hi dearies

The student ICT Survey 2015 (Sec 1 -3) will be administered on Friday, 9th Oct, from 0740 to 0820. Please report to your class before 0740 for the singing of the national anthem. You are to bring along your learning device to participate in the ICT survey which will be carried out immediately after the flag raising. The post-exam activities will commence after the survey.

Ms Lam

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Be vigilant during this haze period

Hi Dearies

Please take care of yourselves during the haze period and especially when all of you are under the stress of coping with the EOYs.

Make sure that you are well hydrated, and well rested during this difficult time period.

Also look out for your classmates and be well in all sense of the word.

Good luck for your EOYs, 204!

Best regards
Ms Lam

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Haze Monitoring

Hi Dearies

Welcome back to Term 4! Hope you are well rested and have revised all you can during the 1 week vacation.

The situation on the haze is being monitored. Do remember to take lots of vitamin C and hydrate yourselves even more during this period. Do go back home straight once all school activities are done for the day.

If you are unwell, just stay home to recuperate. We all have social responsibility and do what is right.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Holiday HW



2014 EOY Paper



Conservation HW

2014 Environmental Science Common Test

Graph Practice

Reflection and Refraction Revision

2014 Environmental Science EOY


EOY Paper Practice

Kinematics Notes

Kinematics Assignments


Reflective Writing

Reading Articles


IH Trail


Journal (4/9/15)

Sketchup (4/9/15)

Model (18/9/15)

Image Board *A2 size* (4/9/15)

Remember to revise for EOYs and get the Swensen's treat from Mr Johari.

Thank you and Good Luck,
Cheryl Tan