Monday, 19 January 2015

Need to Improve on your work habits


There are still pockets of people not visiting Edmodo for your daily revision of English.

As a good habit, you are to do a quick recap of the concept or skill that I have taught by visiting the Edmodo for English on the same day when you have English Lesson before going to bed. This will serve as a consolidation of what you have learned for that particular lesson. I expect all students to revisit all the lessons that I have covered for each week in Edmodo for English over the weekends as well, as I will be and have posted important information for you so that you can go make full use of your time over the weekends to carry out extended reading and research so that you can come prepared for the new lesson the following week.

Do complete the daily take-home assignments which I have asked you to. These are bite-sized formative learning assessments which will help you to acquire and hone the skills and knowledge you require in order to do well for the summatives.

Failure to do so will require you to stay back after school to complete that work not done, and if such undesirable trait is repeated 3 times, your parents will be notified.

Ms Lam

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